Information about Assets & Liabilities is collected in Four Parts:
PART I : Personal Information
Part II A: Number of Immovable Properties
PART II B: Details about Immovable Properties
PART III: Details about movable Properties including Money and Liabilities

Personal Information

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  • Please write the name as it is shown in your Posting Orders

  • IAS, IPS, IFS, KAS etc

  • If you had switched jobs within the Government , then give theyear of first appointment in any Government Service

  • Write the Cadre to which you have been appointed to

  • Write the State to which you belonged to before joining the Service

  • Write the State in which your live or lived till recently

  • Self Explanatory

  • Write the State in which your spouse lived before marriage

  • You can check more than one

  • if wife is not employed and a housewife,dependent children, parents and others

  • Give thenumber of those who do not depend on the officer for livlihood but live with the Officer (Employed spouse to be included)

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